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Kick Bands Chair Fidget Bands for Kids with Fidgety Feet - School & Classroom Chairs - Flexible Seating Rubber Band ADHD Sensory Fidgets - Kickbands by Solace (10-Pack)

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Brand: Solace

Color: Green


  • IMPROVES FOCUS & ATTENTION - Kick Bands are the perfect flexible seating classroom solution! These chair fidget bands are designed to increase focus and attention while letting kids move while learning. And it's a cheap alternative classroom seating solution for teachers with a tight budget.
  • QUIET & DURABLE - Perfect for school teachers who want to help their fidgeting students with self-regulation and provide flexible alternative seating in classrooms. Using chair bands for ADHD, ADD, Autism, SPD or other sensory needs can help improve the learning experience in classrooms or at home while sitting.
  • INSTALLS IN SECONDS - Simply stretch the fidget for classroom chairs over the front two legs of a chair to install. Flexible seating for classroom environments that are sturdy, cheap, easy-to-install and cost effective. The perfect fidgets for classroom students!
  • FITS MULTIPLE CHAIR SIZES - These flexible bouncy fidget bands for chairs can be used on any chair with 2 front legs wider than 10" and can stretch up to 24" for desks.
  • 100% GUARANTEE - Our KICKBANDS flexible seating for kids are backed by 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. We will replace or refund any chair bands fidget pack that does meet your expectations. This factory warranty is only available from the authorized seller 1220 Ventures.

Publisher: Solace

Details: Studies show that physical activity helps to increase focus and attention while sitting, especially for kids and teens with ADHD. Teachers and parents now have the perfect solution for kids that need to wiggle while they sit. Kick Bands provide quiet sensory-motor input to help self-regulation in class or at home.

Kick Bands were specifically designed to allow active students freedom to move their feet while seated. Physical activity - even a little foot-tapping or bouncing - increases levels of the neurotransmitters in the brain that control focus and attention. Kick Bands can play a key role in sharpening focus and increasing attention.

Installation is simple and takes just a few seconds. The elastic loop band easily stretches around the two front legs of a school chair. To remove, simply stretch the band off one leg. They can stretch to fit any chair with 2 front legs wider than 10" (measured from the outside of the legs).

Kick Bands come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If they do not fit your chair for any reason contact us for free replacement or refund. This factory warranty is only available from authorized sellers. 1220 Ventures is the only authorized Amazon seller for Solace Products.

UPC: 855073007018

EAN: 855073007018

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 4.1 x 2.1 inches

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